Who We Are

Roncancio Wealth Management is an Investment & Financial Management Firm. We pride ourselves on being the most elite provider of Financial Planning & Investment Management services in the world. Our mission is to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns while protecting your portfolio against steep losses. 

Our Investment Strategy

Investment Philosophy

At Roncancio Wealth Management we focus on the “price action movement” of an investment vehicle, because it is the ultimate determinant of supply and demand in the market place. After cutting through all the red tape on Wall Street, what moves stock and ETF prices are supply and demand.

Investment Approach

Our 5 Step Investment Process narrows down potential investments to a pool of suitable investments and involves a strict set of proprietary research strategies. Our analysis of the various global markets follow a strict set of rules and principles that have been tested over the course of time.

Investment Road Map

If you were going to take a trip, driving from coast to coast, the first thing you would pull out would be your road map, or these days, your phone. You wouldn't just blindly jump on any road and hope it takes you to your destination. Like a road map, or plan, our investment strategy follows an unbiased road map for your financial journey.

Wealth Management Services

We all have a plan for what our financial situations look like, however in reality it may fluxuate in ways you never imagined possible. If we take a long term look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average since 1896 what we see is that there are periods in which the US equity market will trend upwards and periods where the market will instead stagnate or move lower. What we try to do at Roncancio Wealth Management, Inc. is help our clients navigate these peaks and valleys during their investment lifespan.

Investment Management

Your investment goals are unique. We can help you build a portfolio designed to meet your needs. When it comes to investing, it's never prudent to run from your emotions. Rather, use them to ensure that your decision making is in line with your personal goals.

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Financial Planning

We understand and recognize that investors with sophisticated financial circumstances require customized strategies designed to achieve their investment objectives. We realize that new opportunities bring a level of complexity that demands the attention of a professional.

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Retirement Planning

The preservation and constructive transfer of wealth are primary components of a successful wealth management plan. While assets can grow over a lifetime, so can the need to consider a variety of products and services to protect wealth for the future.

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Wealth Management

Based on a comprehensive understanding of your unique needs and circumstances, we can work with you to assess and analyze your current assets and liabilities, short- and long-term investment objectives, and tolerance for risk.

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